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Tree Removal

Cutting up a tree for removal in Baton Rouge

While all of us like seeing a tree growing tall and proud on our property, sometimes they can overwhelm the space. It is important to remember that an overgrown tree can potentially kill off an entire yard space and sometimes even cause a threat to people. When a tree becomes dangerous or seriously overgrown, the best thing you could do is have it removed. When that time comes, it's important that the job is handled by professionals who you know are going to be able to guarantee safety and security in the job. When you turn to us, at Toro Tree Experts, that is exactly what you can expect. We deliver the highest standard of tree removal services, no matter how difficult your specific task.

Tree Felling
When a tree needs to come down quickly, felling it can be a simple and straightforward way to do so. On a property with sufficient space and no buildings or structures in the way, we would be glad to fell your tree. This method is best clearing the area in a matter of minutes. The experience of our team is absolutely necessary for such a job and you should only ever trust it to a team that you know you can rely on. So, when you know you are going to need your tree taking down and feel it would be safe to fell it, then we would be glad to offer our support and expertise.

Gradual Tree Removal
In residential areas and for some of the larger trees around, felling is not always the most viable option. Instead, it may be much safer and more effective to take down the tree in parts. Our skilled team have all of the tools and equipment necessary to be able to safely scale your tree and remove it in a gradual manner. Working through the branches and then steadily down the trunk, our team will safely remove each individual part of the tree until the entire thing has been reduced to no more than a stump.

Branch Removal
If your tree has become overgrown with branches or there has been some storm damage caused to any of them, you may well be in need of branch removal. It's important to keep yours in a safe order, so that they don’t end up falling and causing damage to you, your home or your family. So, when you need to have some removed, we would be glad to assist you with removing those branches.

Sapling Relocation
When you need to have a young tree removed from your property, it's a shame to see it go to waste. However, if you are someone that wants to see theirs reaching full potential one day, then you may be happy to hear that we can help you. You can count on our team for a swift and delicate transfer, and guaranteed healthy growth of the tree, for many years to come.

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