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Affordable, Quality Tree Care...That's No Bull!

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    Trees are wonderful things. They are gorgeous to look at and offer us so much. Which is why, many people like to have trees on their property. However, growing a tree in your yard can be a difficult thing to do, without a bit of professional assistance. For those living in the fine city of Baton Rouge, LA, the good news is that help is right around the corner from you, at Toro Tree Experts.

    About Us

    We are a professional team based in the city of Baton Rouge.  We have been in the tree service business for more than 30 years and for years now, we have been helping out local residents with their needs for their trees. During that time, our team has gained a multitude of expertise and knowledge and have become adept in all areas in our field. Our understanding of arbor services is second to none and so, whenever you need support with your trees, you know you are always going to be able to find what you are looking for, in us.


    As we have built our knowledge in the field, we have been able to broaden our list of services to so much more than just tree removal. In fact, at this current time we can offer the most comprehensive list of tree services anywhere around. You can turn to us to plant a fresh sapling in your yard and give it all of the care and attention necessary, to bring it to a strong and healthy adult tree. Whenever you need our support with your tree, we are only a call away, and always happy to help.

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    Tree Service

    At Toro Tree Experts, we can deliver you the highest standard of servicing, for your trees. After a new tree installation, we will apply the proper techniques and methods, that are going to guarantee successful growth. For example, to keep your new sapling upright and in position, we are able to support you with tree bracing and tree cabling. At the same time, we are able to set up watering pipes and bags, to allow for easy access in the future.

    Finishing touches on tree removal

    Tree Removal

    While we love nothing more than seeing trees standing tall, sometimes it is necessary to have them removed. Whatever the circumstance, you just need to be sure that the job is being done securely and safely, making sure no harm comes to you, your home or your family. That is why our customers trust us for their tree removal services, as we display superior standards of health and safety precautions, on every job.

    “Thanks to the help of Toro Tree Experts, my storm damaged tree isn’t causing a worry anymore. A few branches looked like they might come crashing down onto my roof and I was concerned how much it was going to cost me. But luckily, I was able to count on these guys to come and take them all down.” – Tom D

    Tree Trimming

    Before your trees get overgrown and start overcrowding your backyard, you are going to want to have it trimmed up. Luckily for you we are more than capable of helping you with exactly that, with our expert tree trimming services. We’ll be able to neaten up the look of your trees, giving them a clean and striking aesthetic look. And, if you would like your hedges, bushes or shrubs being trimmed as well, then we are always glad to help.

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    Tree Preservation

    For us, at Toro Tree Experts, there is nothing more important than tree preservation. When given the proper care over time, a tree can live a longer life than the majority of people. So, it is something that we are passionate about. If you are the same, then we would be glad to help out with your tree. From the basic mulching and watering, to tree wound repair, our expert team of arborists have all of the pro techniques for the preservation of your tree.

    Toro Tree Preservation Service

    “Toro Tree Experts did a great job pruning my trees, they really look great. The cutting was clean and the trees look healthier. I couldn’t be happier! Highly recommended.” – Diana E

    Baton Rouge Tree Removal - Stump Grinding 1

    Stump Grinding

    Following any tree removal service, you are going to be left over with a stump still in the ground. Getting it out is going to take some special attention and an expert method. You’ll be glad to hear that we offer both of these two things, at Toro Tree Experts, through our stump grinding service. Using our commercial grade equipment, we can grind away at your tree stump until it is nothing more than some handy woodchips – which may even make the perfect mulch, later!

    Tree Pruned in Baton Rouge

    Tree Pruning

    To keep you trees healthy and lasting many years, then you need to make sure that it is being maintained and kept in a healthy condition. So, when you find that your tree has picked up some fungus, disease or even become infested by pests, you need to have the problem addressed right away. We can help you do just that, through our targeted tree pruning services. Through our targeted technique, we will be able to cut away all of the affected limbs of your tree, returning it to its best health. Also, if you need a similar service for your hedges, bushes or shrubs, we'd be happy to lend our support.

    “Having the support of Toro Tree Experts has been a huge help. They planted some young trees in my front yard and have been returning every couple of weeks to help with the maintenance. It meant that I could get them the care they needed, without it taking up too much of my time. And, for the prices they gave me, I got the full worth and more!” – Javier L

    Contact Us Today

    At Toro Tree Experts, we are proud to be the leading source of tree services, anywhere in the city of Baton Rouge, LA. Our expert team are happy to be supporting local residents with the needs of their trees and we would be just as happy to do the same for you, too. So, the next time you need any one of our expert services, don’t hesitate to give us a call.