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About Our Business

Cutting up a tree for removal in Baton Rouge

We are Toro Tree Experts, your one stop source for all your tree services in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. For over 30 years we have been supporting the residents of our local community with our professional tree care services and helping them achieve what they want from their trees. Whether that is planting a new sapling, delivering some ongoing maintenance work or the eventual removal of the tree, our team will apply their knowledge and expertise towards delivering the highest quality job, every single time. That is something that our customers know us well for and the reason why we are still serving Baton Rouge today.

If you too are in need of assistance with your trees, then look no further.  You'll find all you could possibly need with our knowledgeable team of experts. Not only will you be enjoying our comprehensive services and wide-spanning knowledge, but you will also be met by our exemplary standards of customer service. We always strive to deliver the most personalized service, that meets the unique needs of each and every customer. At the same time, our team of experts are naturally caring and friendly people, all of whom have a passion for the work that we do. There isn’t more that you could ask for, when it comes to your choice of tree service companies, which is why we are still around today. So the next time you need any service for your trees, give us a call.

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    The Pioneer

    My Father

    Not only my inspiration in the Tree Business, he is my lifelong mentor. This man was a Pioneer in the Tree Business in Louisiana. I was very fortunate to learn the Tree Business from  one of  the best, My Dad Samuel Robins. For over 78 years my family have been serving the tree needs in Louisiana and to this day we continue to serve. Thanks Dad, Love you